Seven Steps to a Successful Marathon

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The first thing to consider in training for a marathon is just what your goal is in the marathon. Do you just want to finish at any pace or in a specific time? Do you just want to cover the miles either walking or jogging, or are you aiming at a personal best time? The starting point of your training program depends on how much running have you done in the past year, how regularly you have been running recently, your overall physical condition at the moment, if you practice other physical fitness or aerobic activities on a regular basis, and to what extent you wish to race the marathon.

The training program itself depends on the goals you have set for yourself, if they are of course, realistic ones. Your goals should be both long term and short term. The long term goal is basically the marathon itself in this case. The short term goals are structured here on a weekly basis. Your weekly or short term goals depend on which category of running you belong to, which will be discussed below. From an inner point of view, we should know the goals we have set for ourselves on a daily basis. It is of course helpful to be reminded from time to time.